About Me

Why am I the right person to help you get back to back exercising.

Who am I and What Do I Do

Hi, I’m Eoin O’Connell, a Qualified BTEC LEVEL 6 Sports Injury Massage Therapist, specializing in Myofascial Release. I help people recover from injuries and aid in the restoration of their bodies to the point where they feel ready to go back exercising.

Typically, the men and women I help, tend to either have recurring injuries or in chronic (long term) pain. These injuries prevent them from carrying out exercise to their maximum potential, either because of fear of the injury recurring or because their muscles have deteriorated due to the chronic pain causing the muscles to be in abnormal positions.

My training has given me the techniques required to resolve these issues for my clients. Each session incorporates working and communicating with the client, and making sure that we work within their pain barrier. At the same time ensuring that the muscles involved get a treatment. I also like to get my clients actively involved within the session, I feel if the client partcipates then they generally get more out of the session.

Why I Specialise in Muscle Recovery and Pain Relief

I’ve always being involved in sports, since an early age, being from Ireland I played Gaelic football, hurling, rugby and cross country running. I’ve played in All-Ireland finals and represented my secondary school at a high level of cross country running.

I suffered quite a bit from recurring hamstring injuries. At first I tried to train on through the injury,which only made things worse for myself. The minor tear became a major tear and I couldn’t train with my teammates. I remember feeling guilty and frustrated at not being able to train. Guilty for letting my teammates down and frustrated that my body wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do.

The harder I tried to get back training, the longer it was taking. My body started compensating for my injures, I started getting lower back pain and eventually my other hamstring got injured from taking on the extra weight. I was finally recommended to a sports massage therapist, where I received different types of remedial massages sure as deep tissue massage, sports injury massage and with his help I was finally able to get back training.

It was during this time in the massage couch that I began to appreciate how vital and important the role of sports massage is in helping to aid in the recovery from injuries. It would be several years later that I would start my journey to become what I am today. I’ve worked a variety of jobs, none of which fulfilled me. I went back to night college and studied to become a massage therapist, then a sports injury massage therapist and onto an advanced clinical massage therapist. I have loved every minute of my journey so far and the feeling of seeing clients progressing through their rehabilitation is why I am so passionate about what I do, Its also why I’m dedicating my professional life to healing men and women get out of pain, in order for them to get back to leading the lives they want to lead.

I offer Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Injury Massage in Brixton, Camberwell, Clapham, Dulwich, East Dulwich, Herne Hill, Tulse Hill, West Dulwich, covering postcodes se5, SE15, SE21, SE22, SE24, SW2, SW4, SW8, SW9.