Excellent, very thorough and great advice.

I’ve been going to the gym 3-5 times a week recently and i noticed my old injury’s starting to re-appear (back, hip and legs).I’ve played football since i was knee high so I’m no stranger to the treatment table and I’ve been through countless different phsyios and treatments over the years. What struck me with my first appointment with Eoin was his knowledge and understanding of the anatomy. From the initial assessment he was able to tell me where my problems were and what we needed to work on.

Eoin is very friendly, offers great advice and support. He gave me good exercises and stretches to work on between appointments allowing me to understand what I needed to do to prevent further injury.

I would highly recommend anyone. It’s up there with the very best

Rowan, SE24

I have so far had Three sessions with Eoin for a bad back after hurting it at the gym. When we first met he took the time to figure out exactly what had happened and what I wanted to get out of the massage. I have found massages in the past almost awkward because of lack of communication and at times feeling a bit butchered.

Eoin was great and explained everything he was doing, which was great. He discussed pain levels and how at any time if I experience pain above a 7/10 I should let him know. This in itself has been a really good gauge throughout the sessions to control the level of the massage. After the first massage I has some discomfort the following day (but no worse than prior to the massage) and then the following day the pain had almost gone. The best thing about the massage was that it didn’t end with the massage. Eoin talked over the elements which can lead to a sore back and at the end of the session gave me a couple of stretches for my hamstring and bum which proved to really help.

After the second massage my back felt fantastic the following day. Unfortunately after a long tiring day at work I strained my back. I remembered his advice about ‘taking it easy’. So at the gym I toned down my usual workout and focused more on stretching and cardio. When I returned for my third session my back had started to feel better. I feel this is down to the advice I had about stretching.

Currently my back is feeling a lot better and I will continue to take it easier until I am confident I can return to normal and I’ll definitely be back for a massage soon!


I had been getting extremely bad headaches for a number of months, to the point that they were stopping me from going to work and really affecting my life. I had been back and forth to the doctors with leaflets, medication and more advice that I knew what to do with! Finally someone said ‘have you considered massage? Your posture can have a huge impact on the pressure put on your head.’ I contacted Eoin who came to my house with his own massage table, towels and massage gel. He was extremely professional and listened to my concerns and worries and instantly put me at ease with his technique and knowledge. He started looking at my posture when I was standing up and confidently manipulated my body into particular positions to highlight muscle groups. He explained what he was seeing at each stage and reassured me at all times that if I was in pain I must let him know. Once on the extremely sturdy and comfortable massage table he expertly manipulated my body paying particular attention to the areas we discussed in the initial consultation as areas of concern. I found that after my treatment I felt my muscles were more relaxed and I was much more aware of my posture and alignment. I cannot recommend Eoin highly enough if you want a bespoke treatment from a calm and professional masseur.

Victoria, London

Eoin released all of my hip tightness which was causing a lot of discomfort when exercising and sitting crossed legged. I have never had such a thorough massage using such a variety of techniques. Eoin is incredibly focused and skilled…he has so much integrity, great energy and made me feel really comfortable in the session. Thanks Eoin I feel so much better!

Joanna, London

Contributed to the success of my Ironman. Would HIGHLY recommend.

Drew, London

A professional and specifically focused service…….I felt like a new man…..

Donal, London

Eoin has worked wonders for me. In a matter of weeks he was able to release the horribly sticky hip I’d been struggling with for years. He pays very close attention to how all parts of the body relate to each other and is very good at explaining how and why long term problems can develop after an injury has healed.

This was so much more than a straightforward sports massage though. I left after each session feeling not only bendier in the body but totally uplifted in spirit and I’ll certainly be returning to maintain my wellbeing.

MM, SE24

I’ve had a few sessions now having seen an advertisement on the Herne Hill Sunday Market Facebook page for harmonised muscles. I have a shoulder injury caused by my job as a nurse and the GP referred me for physiotherapy but with a 6 week wait I wanted to try something sooner as the pain made it difficult to work.

Shortly after my first session I wasn’t needing to take painkillers every day and after the second session I noticed a real improvement- I wasn’t in pain as much and was rarely needing painkillers.

The first session was an hour and a half which included a detailed assessment of my posture and movement. It was very clear then and in all of my sessions that Eoin has vast knowledge and understanding of anatomy and physiology of the body. He is very thorough in explaining what and why he
concentrates on certain areas and uses a pain system so that your pain is never above a certain level. I’ve also been given advice on stretches and activities which will help my shoulder and other problematic areas in my

Eoin is helpful, professional and friendly and I would recommend to anyone with acute or chronic pain.

Alex, SE24

I have been so completely overwhelmed with the the quality of attention, the depth of knowledge and the positive results I’ve enjoyed from Eoin’s treatments.

Eoin, combines the focused method of moving and adjusting the fascia, with precise, deep, often penetrating movements to prompt the body to access healing and repair at the deepest level. Each session was profound and went so deep that it brought back so much dreaming at night!

Eoin also freely shared his knowledge for remedial work that I could do at home, for further repair independently. He also involved me in my healing process, showing me on diagrams etc, enabling me to understand what was going on in my body and how he was approaching it all. When Eoin worked on me, he fully concentrated and I felt that all his attention was on my body and its road to repair.

The combination of his pleasant, cheerful manner with such a high level of knowledge and expertise has made him my number one choice. Eoin has made such a positive contribution to repairing my body that I will always return to him as as he’s enabled me to recover from one injury in particular that had been causing me great problems.

I recommend Eoin 100% to everyone for top quality remedial massage for the whole body, whether it’s a sports injury or just ‘a something’ which has been affecting you and, to remember that when our body is well it also enhances our emotional well being too.

Thank you Eoin.

Rebecca, London

Since the first time we meet I have been so completely at easy with the the quality of work Eoin has been able to carry out on my tired body. His in depth workings on listening to your injury, the questions and answers
raised gives Eoin the areas he needs to work on. His knowledge of the workings of the muscles and joints have helped me through some of the worse pain I have ever suffered. I still see Eoin once a month with positive
results I’ve enjoyed from Eoin’s treatments. The treatments received bring pain at the time but I do feel a lot better after the event.

Hopefully I am on the mend now, however I will continue to come back to Eoin on a regular basis. As for recommendation I cannot think of anyone better to go to, to sort out any injuries you may have. Many thanks Eoin for your help to my recovery.
Thank you Eoin

Gary, CR3

Eoin has helped me to recover from numerous injuries and has given me great
advice on how to prevent further injuries. He is professional and very flexible with timings for appointments. I feel healthier and happier as a result of his therapies, his knowledge also cannot be understated.

Sophie, London

Eoin is a very professional sports masseur. I’ve had six sessions and each time he gives a calm, measured consultation before the massage focusing on the areas of tension. I’ve always felt a lot better afterwards and he’s a true gent too.

Rachel, London

Eoin is everything you would want in a Sports Massage Therapist – knowledgable, considerate and a true professional.

I benefitted greatly from the six sessions I had with Eoin. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week and mostly work with free-weights but had been suffering from continual aches/pains and soon began feeling weaker. From the first session with Eoin, I saw a notable improvement – the pain subsided and the intensity during my workouts improved.

In addition to the sessions, Eoin provided helpful exercises and stretches to work on on my own which have also proved beneficial – particularly in preventing any injuries.

I cannot recommend Eoin highly enough.

Dean, London

I cannot recommend highly Eoin enough. He’s done more to help my chronic lower back pain than anyone else I’ve seen. Unlike a lot of practitioners who’ll follow the same old script regardless of who they are treating, Eoin is careful and thorough in his diagnosis. It’s a pleasure to be treated by him, he is kind, courteous and extremely competent. I walk out of his clinic feeling so much better than walking in, and the effect lasts for a
long time. If you are looking to feel better and move better, I don’t think you can do better than Eoin.

Eva, SE24

Always amazing. Never makes me jump or hurt but works with my stiff body to apply the right amount of pressure to loosen me up. Feel great after every session.

Anne, London

I came to Eoin with a dodgy shoulder and hip worsened by a crazy month at work, I was really tense and soar not to mention a bit frustrated my yoga wasn’t improving to the level of flexibility I had 10 years ago but put that down to age! I’d seen a massage therapist, physio and osteopath previously who’d all helped a bit but they never really felt they were getting to the crux of the problem.

Eoin’s sessions were really different. He had a very holistic approach and I quickly felt things were improving. I found the sessions very visceral and they left me feeling far more present in my body – a pleasant switch after being quite in my head for years. I got a lot more than I bargained for with this treatment, it’s helped me let go of a lot of ‘old stuff’, given me more awareness of myself and resolved the shoulder and hip problems I’d had in a lasting way. Oh, and my old flexibility has come back – turns out age wasn’t the problem, I just need my fascia ironed out!

Jess, SE24