Treatment Packages

1 session – £75

Package 1 – 3 sessions – £200

“I want to get back training, but this recent injury is stopping me”

Where you are at
You want to get back training, but you are wondering whether its too soon to go back.

You only injured yourself recently and you still feel a slight niggle.

You feel like the niggle would go away once you start exercising…but then again it could get worse.

What Your Issues Tend To be
You get frustrated when you can’t exercise

You feel more in control of your life when you are exercising regularly.

You have been down this road before with injuries, sometimes they just go away unexpectedly and on other occasions the injury gets worse.


What You Need Right Now
You need a postural analysis and muscle assessment, this will enable you to find out what areas of the body are being affected. Once these areas have been identified, a course of deep tissue massage will help to get you back training.

Package 2 – 6 sessions – £375

“I’ve had this injury now for a few weeks and it doesn’t seem to be getting better”

Where You Are At
You’ve rested it, iced it and stretched it and still it won’t go away.

You see other people training and wish you could be training too.

It seems silly, but you are jealous of people who are exercising.

You are afraid that if you go back exercising you’ll only make things worse for yourself.

What Your Issues Tend To Be
You want to go back training, but don’t want to break down again.

You want to know the best way of getting back training again.

You know that once you can exercise regularly everything will be ok

What You Need Right Now
You need regular sports massage before other areas of your body start to compensate for the injury and muscles start to deteriorate and shorten.

You need after-care advice along with specific stretches to do between sessions in order to quicken up the healing process

Package 3 – 10 sessions – £600

“This injury is not going away and now is affecting my everyday life. It’s really beginning to get me down”

Where You Are At
You expected this injury to be gone by now, how come it’s still there.

You are getting depressed because you can’t exercise and it seems like ages since you last trained.

Everyday things are being affected , such as picking your kids up, driving the car, standing for too long.

What Your Issues Tend To Be
You don’t know what to do next to resolve your ongoing injury.

You are afraid that this injury will always be there.

You can feel yourself becoming unfit and know how hard it is to get back to being fit again.

You are more prone to be short tempered.

What You Need Right Now
You need to make some serious changes to your current situation.

You need someone who can explain what is happening to your body and what can be done to rectify this ongoing problem, with the help of sports injury massage.

You need a program to follow at home which will aid in your recuperation and will also start getting you back exercising at the same time.

You need to be able to see progress each week to ensure that you achieve your desired results.